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BATBAND™ is an elegant piece of sound technology allowing you to listen to your private soundscape as well as the world that surrounds you. Human-centered design meets technology delivering a high fidelity acoustic experience via an innovative bone conduction system.

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The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

The Dash consists of a pair of discrete and completely wireless stereo earphones.They will playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. Everything about the design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. The Dash is awesome for sports and great for everything else.

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EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness & performance

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single thought:

With your support, you have helped us create the ultimate Brainwear™! Every Emotiv Insight will be made with a 6-axis inertial sensor and a 3-axis magnetometer. The Insight Extender will also include a microSD card reader. And, for the research crowd, we will also include an isolated TTL opto-coupled external event marker input channel to the Insight Extender.

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